And so we begin…

So I think that the start must be to audit my current holdings so to speak. So I will start with cosmetics. This is my eyeliner stash, the revlon and illamasqua pens are definitely used most often followed by the cheapier designer brands brown one. As you can tell I am a bigger fan of liquid eyeliner than kohl which I use mainly for stage makeup.

The retail value on these would be around $26 each for the pens, $8 each for the rimmel eyeliners, $2 for the essence pencil and $5 for the DB eyeliner. So let’s say that I’ve got $75 in eyeliner invested, which I think we could say will last me at least a year. I can use the pens for 3 months each, and the other eyeliners have 2 times as much (rimmel brands) and 4 times as much respectively. So in theory it’s more like 2.5 years eyeliner but no doubt it will dry out and become usable before that stage…

Eyeliner Stash

Now I’ve ripped the bandaid off it’s time to tackle the other categories. Wish me strength!

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