Blushers and such – the initial stash

This picture isn’t as bad I guess, this is about where I’d like to get to with other makeup. The benetint I wear most days, it gives that slight rosy glow that I have honestly had mistaken for my skin more than once. My skin is not naturally that pink, I run to sallow so it’s a nice glow. The L’Oreal HIP is a great stage blush, and the revlon blusher/bronzer is good for adding some colour to my skin in winter.

The benetint lasts me about 4 months and I have a new one on the way as part of my Christmas gift…. hence I have about 8 months of benetint alone. Along with the other blushers this should be a years worth of blush. The benetint runs to $55 at myers (although I get a friend in the US to buy and send so I spend $30) and the others are $10 each purchases. We’ll call this $50 in blusher. That’s a running total of $360 in cosmetics.



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