Eyeshadows as far as I can see

I do seem to have embraced a certain theme with my eyemakeup. I haven’t even used the pinkish tone clinique set – I keep wanting to break out of the brown rut but I think I was told at an impressionable age that girls with blue eyes should wear brown eyeshadow. This was probably circa Princess Diana’s marriage when I was about six, a bad time to introduce girls to princess like beauty tips.

My main eyeshadows are the benefit neutral tone and the becca tint which blends up nicely. The revlon quad is mainly used for stage makeup. I think I’ve had all of these for at least two years and the powder shadows are utter disasters on me, it seems to end up clinging to my cheek within minutes. This is about $140 in eyeshadows I think – the becca one is $40 but the rest are between $10-$15 each. This is probably enough eyeshadow to last me the rest of my life, definitely beyond the year. I may end up throwing out or giving away.

Running total is $310 invested in cosmetics for those playing at home with 3 of these unopened and unused.





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