Concealers and preparations and potions

This is my concealers pile. I don’t use these regularly but I had a very stressful year which in combination with horrible allergies looking for some potion that would make me look healthy and well rested. And then, because these tend to settle into small lines and wrinkles, I went off in search of illuminators… which sounds like something out of Harry Potter!

Potions and creams

And yes, that’s two each of the realness of concealness and porefessional tubes because I left it at home one work day and rebought it halfway through as I needed to get a mug shot aka ID photo at work . Somewhat random thing to happen after six month but there you go.

The porefessional sinks into my acne scarred large pores and makes me look a bit less shiny in photos. It’s actually a good product in that it’s easy peasy to use and doesn’t need blending/colour matching, but it doesn’t colour correct it just works on texture. Anyway, that runs to $35 a tube, ditto the realness of concealness kits. I also have a pocket concealer/illuminator ($10?) from Maybelline for putting into clutches, and a skin primer from the David Jones homebrand for if I’m getting made up at night. The designer brands illuminator is actually a great buy, I picked it up at the chemist for one time in it’s previous incarnation and after my kids *bit the tube in two* (note kids NOT puppies although they do act like it). It’s $10 for a monster tube and is a pretty decent dupe for Benefit’s Highbeam. I will do a comparison post later to show the two, I seem to get a lot of comments that I look good when I wear these around my eyes and alternatively questions about whether I’m tired or sick when I don’t… Oh the joys of getting older.

So this is up to $170 in concealers, with $780 as my running total.



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