Nail polishes – part I

yes, That’s part I. I have a general stash of polishes that I let my teenage girl loose in and then I have my personal stash. The top is top coats/base coats, then going clockwise we have blues/greens, yellows and neutrals, pinks and reds, blacks and silvers then glitters. I have 8 bottles of OPI (these retail at $20 but I’ve bought for $10ish each), 4 bottles of revlons (these retail at $15 but I’ve bought for $5ish each), 3 china glaze (these retail at $15 but I’ve bought for $8ish each), 2 butter Londons which are $20 each, 4 nubars which where about $9 each, 1 orly which I think was $7 so that’s $207 in nail polish there. the basecoats are CND and Seche Vite so that’s about $20. and then we have some essence/ulta3/BYS nail polishes filling in the rest. These are about $2 each so I think I can safely round up and say that I have $25o in my general stash of nail polishes.

(In case anyone is wondering, the cost of nail polishes is ridiculously high in Australia. I get these from overseas, in particularly I found a run out of OPI at a department store in Singapore on holidays).

Nail polish, uno

That brings my running total into 4 figures – $1030. I think I need to take a rest and consider this for a while as I still have to deal with a fair bit more cosmetica before we branch into the full on space which is shoes, handbags and dresses.


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