Illamasqua Scarab – my all time favourite polish

My favourite polish of all time is Scarab by Illamasqua, which was the perfect polish to turn to after the disaster of the previous manicures.


The colour is described as ruby red, but pulls more brown red (think dried blood) on me. My swatches can’t hold a candle to the gorgeous ones by Temptalia – but I can say that this polish is extremely easy to use. It flows beautifully, it’s heavily pigmented and glossy from the start. It also wears fantastically well with barely any tip wear even with my super hard abuse… prying lego apart and so forth!

I love this colour because it is so elegant and adult. It has a warmth and ‘lit from within’ quality that brings it up from a standard creme but is still work (& school run) appropriate. This feels really beautiful and classy, without seeming old or boring.

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