Even more nail polish – part II of the stash

So the rest of my stash, that I do not lend out ;), is Illamasqua and mainly nail polishes. What can I say, I’m a fan girl of these – seriously pigmented and hardwearing. These retail for $19 at myer, but I usually get for ~$15 as they sale price down to 10 pounds on the illamasqua site and they ship to Australia (with regular free worldwide shipping deals). The colours are unique and a bit ‘weird’ – the brand has a very theatrical feel and is (primarily) made by the folks at Kryolan, which is a great stage makeup brand if you are looking for some different colours as stage makeup. It’s also cheaper than comparable brands like OPI and MAC when you pay retail in Australia (*eye roll at bloody cosmetic companies ripping us off*)

(Oddly enough, it seems to work out cheaper for me to buy the Illamasqua than the Kryolan with shipping and so forth – the lipgloss set was 26 pounds from Illamasqua and came with a free polish at Christmas, Kryolan sells the lipsticks for $36, lipglosses for $30, polish for $14 and shipping is $10 vs $13 for Illamasqua if you have to pay at all).


So, top is Glitterati, then left to right working down is scarab, snap, viridian, a base coat, harsh, elope, throb, prism, scorch, another harsh and another prism. Then Sangers/Succubus in a gift pack. Value of all this is 13x$15 +$40 = $235.

This bring the total of my cosmetics to around $1275, not including tools or fragrances of any sort. Is this a lot? It seems excessive… and I think if I had spent more sensibly I would probably be happier which some of it. Oh well, the only way is forward now.


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