Game of Thrones Lannister Manicure- Scarab with Gold Digger

For this manicure I did a gold glitter gradient with China Glaze Gold Digger on a base of Illamasqua Scarab.

Lannister Manicure - Gold glitter gradient on a deep red base

This is what I picture Cersei Lannister wearing in Game of Thrones. Her family colours are gold and red and she knows she needs to look the part. She is dripping in wealth and has a lot of pride in being the ultimate Lannister woman. She wouldn’t have the time or patience for fancy nail art – that’s Sansa’s style – so a glitter gradient is a simple and hardy manicure that looks great.

China Glaze Gold digger is a nail polish that doesn’t get much play on the blogs, I think because it’s quite ‘plain’ and can’t be used as an opaque. But it’s great colour for accents and is a good glitter when you want the under coat to show through.

I’m including a picture of my before nail to show 3 days of tip wear with Illamasqua, it’s really minimal I find.

scarab tip wear

I find the glitter gradient is a really simple and effective way to disguise tip wear in general though, and extend a manicure when you don’t have the time to remove your polish and start from scratch.

Now I’m think of my next Game of Thrones manicure… maybe Catelyn Stark. I’m not sure I have the patience to try and do the Tully fish though… will have to come up with a simpler design.


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