How much is too much?

I was left wondering how my $1200ish in makeup compares to the average woman so I started cruising around the internet. Bellasugar has an article suggesting it’s about $200 a year, while a 2008 report in the US suggests it’s more like $100 a month. My cosmetic spending is probably closer to the second figure, with a similar amount for clothes, then I go to the beauty salon for about $50 a month and also get a hair cut and foils every 6-8 weeks. So a long story short, beauty and grooming take up a chunk of my spending money.

What does it mean to me in real terms though

  1. While I can afford this amount going forward, I don’t have enough money for big ticket items I want.
  2. Having this money tied up in cosmetics is the equivalent of around $10,000 when I retire. If I only buy as I use I’ll be more financial secure later in life.
  3. I need to store all of this stuff (and it does take up more room than I’d like).
  4. Because I spend a lot of my spending money on cosmetics I also spend a fair bit of time looking for deals on the cosmetics I like. That is time I can spend elsewhere, and probably enjoy more.
  5. The amount above is the equivalent of 5 weeks on the newstart allowance (unemployment benefit). So people could live for 5 weeks on what I have tied up in nail polish. So if I buy as I use I can donate more to charity as well. 

I suspect that my spending is partially a habit, like nail biting and by going cold turkey I’ll have a bad few weeks then not miss it as much. At least I hope so *she says quivering in ASOS withdrawals*.


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