The benefits of Burlesque

I mentioned earlier that I love to do burlesque. Often it seems like men get a great commaraderie from sports which women can struggle with, particularly those of us who are a bit girlier/geekier than our sportier friends. I find burleqesue is a really fun option for fitness, particularly amongst those of us that struggle with the whole fitness package. Here is why;

  • It is great exercise, particularly in toning the thighs/butt/tummy region,
  • There is a lot of support in with the other girls in the class; yet
  • There is little pressure, so it doesn’t matter if you struggle to catch the ball do your moves in time,
  • It’s not overly sweaty (hey, it matters to me!),
  • You get to exercise in makeup and fun clothes, and the participants tend to have a cool, retro sensibility,
  • It doesn’t feel like exercise, so much as the daggy dancing in front of the mirror I do for fun anyways.

I encourage you to give it a try if you get the opportunity. I still go the gym as well, but that’s more medicinal. Burlesque is a way of sneaking in some exercise benefits while not really noticing 🙂 and I tell you, these are girls who will appreciate the effort that went into your manicure and outfit.





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