My favourite books about beauty and fashion

The weather is horrible and I don’t want to go outside. Here are some of my favourite books about beauty. I have linked to book depository because that’s where I usually get books if they aren’t at my library (free global shipping FTW) but I know that amazon is a lot cheaper in the US and some parts of europe. It’s all owned by the same multinational now anyways…

Free Gift with Purchase by Jean Godfrey-June This really is like having a chat with a friend in the magazine game. Best fact I learnt from this book – many of the worlds eyeliners are made in the same factory in Germany. Now go and check your eyeliners. *Nods* This is why I only get the cheapie kohl pencils from essence or prestige now, the price markup is mainly packaging. 

Chanel by Justine Picardie – this one I’m actually reading now from the library. The is very interesting but the best thing about this is the pictures, I love seeing the picture of Chanel trout fishing with the Duke of Westminster and Churchill. 

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual – This is the book from anyone who doesn’t know how to apply makeup. It’s not about trends, it’s about finding a flattering look and sticking with it. Indispensable.

The Beauty Myth Obligatory feminist reading sure, but also a good book to prompt some critical thinking into your own beauty routines and evaluate what is making you happy and what is the beauty routines that you feel obliged to obey.

What are you favorite books on beauty and fashion?

2 thoughts on “My favourite books about beauty and fashion

    • I really like beauty books. There have been so many books throughout history talking about women’s beauty as an abstract thing, I think it’s great to read women talking about the nitty gritty details of how it’s all achieved.

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