In homage of Bunny Lebowski

So this is a super cute colour I am showing today – Illamasqua Elope over Scorch.

Illamasqua elope over scorch

I can see that this might seem a little… plain. However this is an interesting colour because it’s the closest I have found to Bunny Lebowski’s pedi colour in the Big Lebowski. I know the script says emerald green which I picture as a little darker but the posters show a green that is distinctly grassy and bright like this colour.

The finish on Elope is rubbery to my opinion, all though lllamasqua describes it as “Bright Emerald Green, glossy finish”. I call it a rubbery, jelly finished grassy green polish. To get it to really pop it needs to be layered over a bright white, and I like to leave it a little sheer at the bottom over the white to give it some dimension and pop. It’s a funky, modern manicure for wearing on the weekend. Not office appropriate but sometimes it’s cool to have a weekend only colour for going a bit off the radar. Dude.

Totally wish my photog skills could show you how awesomely glossed up this looks with the Illamasqua topcoat. It looks gorg 🙂 and thought a snap against the grass might help convince you.

Illamasqua elope grass

So my theory on what nail polish colour Bunny Lebowski’s is wearing in the Big Lebowski is Illamasqua Elope, or something very similar 🙂


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