Game of Thrones – Tyrell Manicure

Another one of the great families in game of thrones are the Tyrells. I particularly like the women in the family, and without spoiling the surprise for anyone who hasn’t read the books ahead of watching the series… they have the Joffrey situation locked down.

The Tyrells sigil is a golden rose in full bloom against a green field, and their motto is “Growing Stronger”. The women all distinctly have thorns behind the pretty exterior.


Margaery seems like she would so be into nail art. I have freehanded three simple flowers against my background of Illamasqua Scorch in different shades of gold, using Nubar Unpredicatable Taupe, then Essence Destination Sunshine and Ulta3 Honululu in the centre.


In real life the metallic makes it ‘pop’ a little and increased the impact 🙂


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