Giveaway – Witchery Earrings + eyeshadow pallette

I got one of my semi-regular emails from Witchery with a surprise yesterday. You see Witchery is one of my favourite stores, and the cause of much overflowing in the shoes and wardrobe department. They have built up a lovely brand, very light and modern. I think they only have Australia/New Zealand/Singapore stores at the moment so might not be a name that UK/US reader know that well. The Witchery clothes include lots of lovely silk shirts and dresses which are my (credit card) kryptonite. The stores just feel relaxing to me. Anyway the email announced that I had some reward dollars to spend that would be expiring in a week. I was left in two minds as to whether I could spend these dollars during no spend time. It was not ‘real’ money, and yet part of my issue is also having less stuff and decluttering.

So my compromise position is that I ‘bought’ some goodies to give away to a reader. It’s some little earrings with Dream engraved and an eyeshadow pallette in Mulberry. To enter leave a comment below telling me what your dream is, and you can make that either a largescale “Win a nobel peace prize and buy a mansion” dream or more of a “Last night I dreamt I was a giraffe” style of dream.

You’ll get an extra entry if you are a follower. And it’s open internationally. I’ll randomnly select a winner on the 6th.

Witchery giveaway

Witchery giveaway


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