Eye makeup for hayfever sufferers

I was reading some kooky beauty article online the other week that advised only patting on your eye cream with your ring finger because the skin around your eyes isjust so delicate. I laughed because I am regularly rubbing my whole hand across my eyes when my seasonal allergies start to play up. My face has not yet broken.
So what does hayfever do to my face exactly? Well – I get puffy eyes from stuffed up sinuses. Then add some red scaly skin above my eyes and in my eyebrows. And a top note of bloodshot itchy eyes. It’s all fine for vampires to rock the red eyed look but some of us have corporate jobs.

My recipe for getting through these itchy, scratchy, blah times is;

  • Warm showers where you massage your sinuses to get the gunk flowing out of your sinuses. I find rubbing the bridge of my nose near my tear ducts is a common blockage point for me.
  • Cool your eyes with cool packs from the freezer when you are out of the shower. If you are having scaly problems calamine lotion is nice but you to avoid getting in your eyes. Some people find that caffiene helps as well and a green tea bag kept in the fridge is my favourite eye mask
  • Use as much moisturiser as your skin will take, but avoid anything with acids (ie most of the anti aging eye cream). I use jojoba oil and a a night cream of over the counter vitamin e cream – at least 20,000 IU. This helps plump up the skin as well as sooth
  • In terms of makeup –
  1. Benefit makes a product called lemon aid that does a nice job in covering up redness but I do find it a little drying. I actually dig the whole kit.
  2. Illuminator in a ‘C’ shape from the top of the eyebrow arch to the top of the cheekbone will open up the eyes. Benefit makes a product called high beam, and you can also find some drugstore versions including the Designer Brands Hi-Lights.
  3. Visine or similar is a good option to help with redness and bloodshots, especially in an office environment.
  4. Acknowledge you will rub your eyes. You are look for waterproof makeup, that smudges very subtly so you don’t look like you’ve been out with the band. I like Great Lash Mascara, with Becca waterproof eye tints as a base look. The becca tints are seriously waterproof (beachproof even) and can be built up to the colour intensity you like.  I have never discovered a truly waterproof, smudgeproof eyeliner so I like use a colour that looks less ‘I partied hard with the band’ than black when in smudges so browns, purple and golds are popular colours with me. Some eyeliners like the Illamasqua precision liners tend to flake, where the Revlon  and MAC tend to smudge. Some people think gel is a bit more fast but I find its only really smudgeproof with a good primer. with a Its personal preference what you like, but I prefer the flaking look if I have to choose. Generally though I try to skip eyeliner if my eyes are irritated.
  5. If you need to do full makeup, urban decay makes some very nice eyemakeup primers but I do find these really irritating when I have allergies so it’s only called in if I have to look good for a photo or something.
  6. This is the time to go big and bold with your lipsticks. A nice bright colour is your friend in drawing attention away from your eyes.

Anyway – what are your tips? Do you suffer seasonal allergies? How do they affect you?


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