Essence Blue Addicted – Water Snake Manicure


Isn’t this just the prettiest glitterbomb ever!?! It’s slightly blue based blue and green glitter packed polish by Essence. I don’t usually by back up bottles but this is so pretty I couldn’t resist (and it’s only $2.55 a bottle). It’s widely thought to be a dupe for Deborah Lippman’s similarly colour polish. I call it my mermaid manicure, but as I was looking for something that that could be a water snake manicure for the new year I thought of this one. It’s definitely got a water-y feel to the colours.


Like most people I hate removing the glitter so I have opted for the Essence Peel-Off base coat. It’s a prettily packed bottle bottle of PVA glue, but it works, it’s only $2 and I don’t have to decant the PVA down into empty polish bottles. PVA tends to get used in my house for small boys craft projects anyway – and the boys know that mum’s nail polish is OFF LIMITS.

Anyway the winner of the giveaway, as chosen by random org is Why only for parties? which is a lovely blog by Daniela, and you should check her out 🙂

So Happy New Year all! Any plans?

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