No spend February update (& empties)

So I’m still going well with the no spend, though I think I may need to fudge a little in March as I have two burlesque performances in April although maybe I can come up with something creative for costuming. I’m thinking of seeing about a clothing swap in my burlesque group for those of us in ‘hard to find’ sizes … many of the vintage clothing options are made for different figure than mine.

The only thing that I have used up this month is my Revlon Colourstay Liquid Lipstick in Premium Pink. This is such a staple of my routine though that I had an unopened backup waiting. (Eyeroll at myself).

I’m definitely finding I’m wearing more of my wardrobe including stuff that had not been worn previously… and discovering all my old favorites! And, ahem, tacking the ironing and drycleaning piles more often….

I’m blogging regularly but my blog is definitely turning into a nail polish swatch blog out of laziness and I really want to kick up the content on other cosmetics and clothing as well as the idea of conscious spending and connection.


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