My private jet by OPI – sad adventures in ebay

I thought it might be fun to do a full swatch of this… it’s my bottle of “My Private Jet” by OPI. Now as many polish fanatics know this was a HTF, especially in it’s first generation as gorgeous blue-brown holograph as you can see in the linked swatch by Polish Mayhem. Mine is not the pretty one alas.

My Private Jet OPI
About a year ago I found a reasonably priced bottle on ebay from a supplier I had used before, tens of thousands in feedback and decided to make the purchase along with some other polishes. It had a nice looking blue-y holo swatch, and I waited eagerly to try it. Then it arrived, and I guess you can see where this is going. I have the brown scattered holo version. I messaged the seller back and found she had lifted the swatch from a google search under the polish name. It was very sad as you can imagine… I got the bottle amount (grudgingly) refunded so I won’t name and shame but let it me said again buyer beware on ebay. As you can imagine I don’t tend to wear this as full manicure but have used it now and then in nail art. It is a rarely used polish and yet I haven’t given up finding it’s hidden beautiful side.


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