Game of Thrones Stark Manicure

Game of Thrones Stark Manicure

Yes, winter is coming. And so is the new season of GoT. The Stark manicure was hard to work out, most of the women don’t seem like they’d like nail art except Stansa and she is the only one without a wolf and trying to play down the fact she is a stark.
The fingers are Nubar Black Chrome with a top coat of Nubar White Polka, because as the Starks motto says “Winter is coming”, so I though snow would be cool. It’s got a matte finish which seems to suit them too.
Next I wanted to include the direwolf which is their sigil. The direwolf has been interpreted different ways but I picture a wolf that blends easy in the snow and trees of the north.
The thumb base colour is Essence ‘Got a Secret’ which is a light grey creme. Then I used Illamasqua Scorch for the ears and eyes, and Illamasqua Throb for a eye highlight. The rest of the direwolf is sketched with a sharpie. The red eyes are a reference to the weirwood gods, which seem to be linked firmly to the starks as well.


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