Face-Off – L’Oreal BB cream “UV Perfect” SPF 50+ vs Garnier BB cream “Miracle Skin Perfector”

First things first, I did go out and buy makeup which I feel terrible about. I had gone overseas to Indonesia for a wedding and my makeup turned out to be just about run out! (But I did have more at home, I just bought the nearly empty tube with me 😦 )I left the dregs of the Garnier BB cream so I could do a face-off comparison and picked up the cheapest BB cream I could find in the little Guardian pharmacy near the hotel.


What I picked up was the L’OREAL UV PERFECT BB cream Max SPF 50 PA+++ 12H Longlasting UV Protector for 99,000 rupiah for 30ml (which is a touch under $AU10 according to my credit card statement). It only comes in one colour and claims all sorts of benefits including anti-pollution protection and a 12hour suncreen. The Garnier BB cream “Miracle Skin Perfector” is $13.95 for 50ml, which is a touch cheaper but both products are definitely in the same price range. I have medium as I’m a little too sallow for their light colour.

Garnier BB

First pic is the back of my hand for comparison. I have some small freckles, and general fine lines associated with age and sun damage. My skin is about an NW20 for reference, maybe up to a 25 at the moment as I get a little darker in summer.


The first thing I noticed is that the L’Oreal is more fluid, and had a much less noticable odour than the Garnier which has a fruity sort of smell which is quite strong. The Garnier in medium seems quite a bit darker than my skin (although I do wear it regularly and it blends well) and the L’Oreal much lighter.

On blending the L’Oreal still seems quite white, and the Garnier a touch darker. Then I left then sit for 5 mins as the BB creams often seem to need a while to sit. Pictures for comparison below.


Finally the colours seem to both be a little off my skin tone. The L’Oreal still seems to have a whitening effect (which may be intentional as this is for the Asian market?), but has a much more positive ‘plumping’ effect (ie the skin seems a little softer and the fine lines are a bit less visible.) It also covers lines better and feels much lighter on the skin. The Garnier is lighter than a full foundation but sits in a similar way to a standard suncreen – ie noticable and a touch heavier on the skin.


I suspect that my search on the foundation front is not yet over, but I do love the skin enhancements of the L’Oreal and I suspect it will be a nice primer for full makeup when outside. I won’t repurchase the Garnier as I think I can do better on the tinted moisturiser/BB front for the price.

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2 thoughts on “Face-Off – L’Oreal BB cream “UV Perfect” SPF 50+ vs Garnier BB cream “Miracle Skin Perfector”

  1. I have that Garnier… but I always add a bit of my regular skin cream to it everyday and mix it together in my hands before I apply it. I dunno why, but I think maybe it needs more moisture? It looks sort of flat on my face… but then again, I never normally wear foundation or anything. Maybe that’s why I feel like it’s too matte for me.

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