No Spend March update

So, let’s see how I have done with the no spend project this month…

On the makeup front I have bought the L’Oreal BB creme in Indonesia, but used up a BB creme so we’ll call that neutral. I haven’t used up anything else although by Revlon lipsticks are looking a little lower. I came to the end of my Seche Vite Top Coat, and tried the bargain basement Essence Fast Dry Top Coat which was pretty terrible alas. I also came to the end of my (gold standard!!) Clinique Take the Day off makeup remover and decided to try some cheapie 25 for $1 makeup removing wipes from Coles. They aren’t great but this will at least last a while and is a lot cheaper than the $36 I spend at Myer for Clinique… it might be something I can cheaper duty free or online I guess? Any other good makeup removers?

I have two new costume corsets coming from luv secret and a pair of dance shoes for burlesque performances in April which isn’t great. Also, I dropped a very strong hint to certain members of our household (ahem) that I would be very happy with a custom made Game of Thrones skirt for Mothers day in May and I believe it’s on order.

So in terms of not spending not so good 😦 but I did also get rid of a skirt and two pairs of shoes so that has helped the neutralise the clutter aspect at a minimum. I think I’m largely neutral this month. I also have next to no money due to taking the kids to a family wedding but that was worth it for the kids, and for the extended family to see the kids. So in terms of conscious spending it’s a win.

I also bought a book in Indonesia, but also left one behind with someone so again it’s neutral.

In the next couple of days I’ll work out my next giveaway, I think I missed last month out of business. I’m happy with the rate of blogging and seem to be hitting my stride in terms of writing voice. I still need to expand the scope of my blog but with a busy month-o-burlesque that should be easy.


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