Neutrogena Wet Skin Spray on Sunscreen Review

I have been on the search for a good sunscreen for our hot humid weather. Because, funnily enough, the weather when you often most need a sunscreen is when you are sweating so much if seems to slip off or turn into a gloopy sticky mess.

Wandering through the pharmacy I found a new (to Australia?) range of sunscreens by Neutrogena that are spray on. I can’t rave about these enough.


They spray on like a deodorant, are the lightest sunscreen I have run into and have next to no odour. They use something called Helioplex to give broad spectrum protection – which is an avobenzene/oxybenzone combination, so not great if you are sensitive to oxybenzone but it is a stable UVA/UVB protector.

Now you’ll notice it says wet skin. This is the bit I love. Not only does it apply lightly, but you can apply it onto wet skin directly and it actually seems repel water. I have before and after pictures, the first is my naturally pasty forearm and the second is post sunscreen being rubbed in and being run under water for a minute.



They are also much easier to get on kids straight out of the pool as you have a bit more flexibility with reaching all their skin (an activity where I have been known to make jokes about trying to catch greased skinny piglets…lol).

Anyway, not a paid endorsement just a rave review from me. I think I paid $14.99 but it seems like you can pick up for a bit less on ebay or at Priceline.


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