Scorch by Illamasqua

This is a pretty easy polish to describe, it’s a glossy white. But gosh, it’s pretty much the ultimate in white nail polishes. It’s easily opaque in two coats and any streaks resolve easily in the second coat. It’s glossy enough to avoid the white out look. It wears well, like any Illamasqua polish which is awesome because white is a not a forgiving colour on any scratches or issues in the colour. This is 2 days into the manicure, so you get an idea of how well it wears.

White is such a staple in your polish collection; for layering under jellies, layering under glitters, or just wearing by itself. A lot of people say pure white isn’t that flattering, but it’s definitely a fresh modern look that isn’t too young and brings out any colour in your skin. Even Chanel has bought out a plain white polish called Eastern Lights which should give you an idea of how ‘now’ the look is. Although I can’t imagine spending twice as much on a white polish just for the Chanel name as I cannot imagine any white polish looking as good as this one.



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