The faceshop CC cream – temptation to buy averted!

In my travels I walked into a faceshop shop and thought I’d have a look at their new cc cream. It’s retailing for $49.90 SG. It comes in a compact style with a single hole in the centre and a poof that you pat it on with which you can see quite well in the link I just put in above. The packaging is a bit chunky and meh to be honest, and it seems like it only holds 20grams which is quite low for the price.

Now on to the product, it’s a little unusual. It’s not at all like the very light Tony Moly/Etude formulas I knew and expected. The texture is initially quite rich and heavy and seemed alarmingly pale at first. But after a few minutes as it really started coming into it’s own and the colour adjusted into my skin tone well. The texture is really nice, it plumps the skin and gives nice hydration but with good oil control. It has an SPF30/PA++ which is pretty reasonable as well.

Now onto the downside. It has an ingredient which was quite irritating just on the back of my hand which was a worry. But the biggest issues of all… it is really REALLY glittery. I quite like an illuminating effect but in Australia once I go out in the sun I’ll light up like a Christmas ornanament (or twilight vampire, haha). Seriously, my camera could not even capture it in full light to show you it just blurred up into a weird shiny space :/ so this is in super low light and you’ll note the visible glitter pieces… and redness in lower right corner.

faceshop cc cream

Anyway, I walked away with my wallet in tact and temptation to buy averted! But it’s probably a good option for anyone who is inside most of the time or lives somewhere with low light. Or a twilight vampire.

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