Face off – Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream SPF30/PA++ vs L’Oreal BB cream “UV Perfect” SPF 50+/PA+++

The previous face off post seemed to be popular so this seemed like it might be worth doing. The etude house cream is initially a touch more beige than the L’oreal which is good and the texture is thicker.


The RRP of the L’Oreal cream is about $SG17.50/30ml in singapore (although I purchased mine in Indonesia so paid about 70% of that). The etude house cream looks like it retails for around $SG39.90. the etude house cream comes in 4 shades whilst the L’oreal has one colour ‘whitening’ which I can do on my skin tone and just look a touch paler but I suspect might not work as much on darker toned skins.


The etude cream also has a slightly blue undertone which knocks out some of the yellower under tones that asian skin can have but is more likely to give the grey-ish tinge pinker toned caucasian skins sometimes see when they use bb creams.

Immediately after application

Immediately after application

Full blended and left for 5 mins

Full blended and left for 5 mins

The Etude is a touch more glowing/dewy and much more smoothing on the pores and fine lines  than the L’oreal which is more fluid and illuminating. I prefer the more smoothing effect as I have large-ish pores, but it’s worth noting the ingredients include silicones like dimethicone which can be clogging. I found that the etude was a better product for my skin and the smoothing effect was relatively long lived on my oil-y slightly sallow skin. The biggest downside is the higher price tag and lower sun protection.  More mature skins would probably prefer the L’Oreal, as would anyone with a pink undertone in their skin.


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