No spend update April

So, I fell off the wagon this month. I spent about $45 on cosmetics, about $150 on clothing whilst in Singapore. I can ‘justify’ it in many ways, but it is a combination of things;

– I shopped while tired. That is, I shopped for things I needed to get like sunscreen and walked out of the pharmacy with things I did not need like bb cream.

– I am tired because my kids aren’t sleeping which means I don’t get down time. One of the cosmetics companies has a slogan of ‘Because you’re worth it’ and they tap into a really powerful bit of pyschology. Women tend to be the carers in families and we struggle to carve out time and energy for ourselves. Makeup is purely for ourselves and is sold as treat, a way of rewarding ourselves that doesn’t take that much time or resources and doesn’t take us away from our caring duties in any meaningful way. Caitlin Moran touches on it in How to be a Woman, where she talks about the reason woman look for the high that comes from over eating rather than other addiction because it still allows us to be carers.

– I was travelling and my usual ways of coping with stress where not as available to me. These include the need for downtime, books to read, gym time and so on. I am a creature of habit.

– I start to wonder if blogging is helping or not. I keep reading about the new product people are using or seeing new colours and finishes of products… and wanting them. Yet being accountable is helpful, so I have to weigh the positives against the negatives. I will be dwelling on this one a bit….

Anyway, all I can do is start again next month. I have a few new reviews/comparisons to show you this month (as well as cleaning out of the closet to do…). Let’s see how it goes!


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