Do ya think I’m Tex-y by OPI

Do ya think I’m tex-y is another OPI mini I have hanging around. It’s a nice raspberry pink ‘jelly’ or as OPI was calling them a sorbet finish. It’s a nice polish, I mean no one will ever stop you and gasp and ask what polish you are wearing when you are wearing a pink jelly, but it’s a nice colour and a good basic to have in your polish collection. I don’t go for jellies as much as cremes as they seem a little more prone to tip wear and I’m hard on my nails. This is 3 coats with top coat and I still have a visible nail line.


That OPI mini bottle is a pain in the a@#! though – I can’t think why they don’t do a bottle design. It doesn’t even store very efficiently.


Boom Boom (dear my party) by Etude House

This weather just makes me feel blurghhhh. I was wearing Essence I gotta a secret as a plain mani and the friend I gifted the etude polishes to earlier suggested I should borrow one of her polishes and layer a glitter over to cheer up my mani at least. That’s a rainy day friend.

This polish is part of the Etude House ‘dear my party’ range and I think the name translates as Boom Boom? Any way it’s red, white, purple and black matte diamond glitters, silver diamond glitters and black and white bar glitter. Boom Boom indeed! The silver glitters are curling/taco-ing a bit ūüė¶ but it doesn’t stand out too much. I really like it although I think that one colour less (either no red or purple) might have made it a bit easier to work with. It’s backed with glitter but I often ended up one colour short on nail so it looked a bit off and I went back and did double layers. I think a lighter coat would look better if you could get the colour distribution working.

etude house

Edited to add – I always seem to get lots of questions on where to get these polishes. Both kollectionK and ebay are good sources. On ebay you’ll find this polish as PWH905, I’ve used f2plus1 and pretty christmas and could recommend them both (neither seller is affliated with me). Expect to pay around $5 with free shipping.


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Illamasqua Baptiste

This is a deep shimmery dark purple polish. I like it because it still looks like purple even in low light, where some of the similar toned dark-dark purples like Lincoln Park after Dark only show up as black in all but the most bright lights. It makes me think of eggplant (aubergine) and then I think of lasagne, then I think of garlic bread…. then I fall asleep in a carb related coma. Haha. The wear time is excellent as always with Illamasqua, this is after 3 days with minimal tip wear. I think it’s quite similar in tone to Diva of the Deep from the Disney collection which is good as that one is damn hard to come by in Australia!


Game of Thrones – Tully Manicure

game of thrones tully

The Tully house doesn’t have any women in it as such at the moment, yet the women seem to be playing a powerful roles in Westeros in other houses in the Game of Thrones series (Catelyn as matriach of the Starks and Lyssa in the Vale). The sigil of the Tullys in the book is vertical red and blue lines, but in the TV series is shown as horizontal lines. In both cases they have a silver trout as a leaping in a red and blue field.The sigil of Bryden Tully is the same but with a black fish, so I split the different for this fish and made him half black and half white.

I have put a base coat of Essence ‘Kiss on top of the rock’ on all fingers, then a wavy tip on the other fingers with Essence ‘hard to resist’. On the ring finger I have¬† Essence ‘Kiss on top of the rock’ with a top coat of Essence ‘dancing in the streets’ and a freehand trout using a sharpie and OPI ‘My boyfriend scales walls’.

Etude House Ice-cream Nail Polish – Mint Chocochip

This is a swatch of the etude icecream polishes in mint chocochip. My teenager got this for me as a Mothers Day present! Isn’t that the sweetest thing? Speckled nail polishes are a real trend this season between the i’mperfection nail polishes like illamasqua and the Deborah Lippmann speckled polish. This polish has a combination of small pink square, copper and pale green hexagonal glitters and smaller black circular glitters against a blue-green creme background. This is three coats.

Etude House Chocochip Close-up

Anyway, the etude house icecream polish is not a dupe for the Illamasqua or Lippmann polishes. The colour sits between the blue of Fragile/Rockin’ Robin and the green of Mottle. The Illamasqua polishes seem to have all black hexagonal/small circle glitter and the Deborah Lippmann polishes have small back circles only. However it’s a really pretty take on the trend and a good way to try the trend for a lower price tag. (Also the packaging, in the icecream cone bottle is utterly adorable.) EDITED TO ADD: I seem to be getting a lot of searchers looking for where to buy this polish … the mint colour seems to be going for more on ebay than the others in the sweet recipe icecream series, but at last glance it’s available through pretty christmas who I have used before and liked. The store is not affliated to me in anyway. Hope this helps my fellow polish-loonies!

e Chocochip Icecream Polish

On the negative side – the wear time is not excellent, I already have a little tip wear after 12 hours. The formula is a bit painful – thin but heavy with glitter so you need some dabbling to get the glitter in place and it’s very easy to get messy cuticles. I also can’t find any evidence that this is a 3-free nail polish, so that may be an issue as well.

Princesses Rule – by OPI


Don’t you hate it when you put on a fun glitter bomb nail polish then remember you have a serious meeting and can’t wear anything so eyecatching. Last night I had a meeting and suddenly looked at my nail and realised by earlier manicure wasn’t going to cut. I grabbed a mini of Princesses Rule I had hanging around, which seemed like it might be a good option as light pink polish.

It’s a very sheer, very sparkly polish. This is two coats and I don’t think it would ever become opaque. The pink is not very noticable, but the shimmer/sparkle is very noticable so it actually isn’t that work appropriate unfortunately. This is why it still hasn’t gotten used up I think… it’s best as an accent/layering.

Jo’Mina by Illamasqua+ Celia Birtwell x Uniqlo

This is a swatch of Jo’Mina. It’s an Illamasqua colour, a gorgeous vibrant pastel purple (is that a thing? a vibrant pastel). It’s shiny and has a dream formula, almost applies itself and looks like new 3 days into my manicure.


Anyway I chose it to go with my shirt from Uniqlo x Celia Birtwell. It’s a super soft and comfy T with a great bright floral pattern – kind of punky florals but appropriate for the school run.¬† freaking love uniqlo. I wish they had a store near me, or indeed an online store that would ship to me but I know it would just suck all of the money right out of my wallet.

Fast fashion like Uniqlo is a delicate topic right now. I see a lot of really polarising arguments on topics like fabric and textile manufacture in the 3rd world. I like Uniqlo as they make great quality clothing, but only work with suppliers with a proven labour record.

I don’t know a lot about Bangladesh society on a personal level, but I know a little about the Grameen Bank which is one of the earliest forms of microcredit (which is now more commonly seen through the more public online entities like Kiva). Anyway, life in Bangladesh is not good for women. The reason the bank targeted women to increase overall wellbeing for families (money earned/given to women tends to be used to directly support the household, the same is not true for funds given to men). The Bangladeshi public school system is ambitious, but flawed because of endemic issues like teacher truancy. There are many illiterate women employed in textiles and the ability to earn directly increases their agency in their families. They need the textile industry, and earning allows the women to feed their children and where needed send them to better private schools. Boycotting Bangladeshi made clothing is shortsighted.

The issue is that we need better textiles manufacture. It needs to involve the women who work there and it needs to be grounded in appropriate OHS laws and regulation locally as well as oversight from the purchasers. And if we want something to at home, something as easy as “checking out clothing labels” try buying the Grameen Uniqlo app which supports local high quality, ethical Bangladeshi clothes manufacture for the Bangladeshi market. Or if you are a bit more financial these women in Lahore Pakistan are looking for some funds to help in the family clothes dyeing business so they can improve their housing. Supporting ethical manufacturing will always be better for the local economies than a boycott of good and unemployment.

Fusion Neon by Sinful Colors

This is a retina burning shade of pink. I don’t think any camera can capture this correctly, mine definitely cannot. This isn’t a nail polish I bought, it seemed to get donated to me by someone who knew I like polish. Nice gesture at least. The colour isn’t really my bag, I think neons look nice on a tanned skin but my skin is not tanned in the least. (Also I’m old, and neon just makes me think of my youthful and terrible fashion choices. Which didn’t suit my skin tone at all even when I had lovely 17 year old skin and definitely not now I’m twice as old.)

fusion neon by sinful colors

Anyway, the color is a great example of a neon but the formula is a b@#$tard to work with. This picture is with 3 coats and a glossy top coat. The pink is patchy, streaky and super runny/inclined to flood the cuticles. It dried matte and was so hard to clean up. It also chips quickly.¬† I don’t think I’ll be wearing this colour again but might be a ingredient in a future franken-creation!