Face off – Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream SPF30/PA++ vs Maybelline BB cream Pure Mineral SPF 50/PA+++

The previous face off posts seemed to be popular so this seemed like it might be worth doing. I’d fill you in on the 8-1 benefits claims the Maybelline makes, but I can’t read them hahahaha… so please fill me in if you can.


The RRP of the Maybelline cream is about $SG16.90/30ml in singapore. The etude house cream looks like it retails for around $SG39.90. the etude house cream comes in 4 shades whilst the Maybelline has one colour which is quite neutral.

The etude house cream is initially a touch more beige than the Maybelline which is good and the texture is thicker. The etude cream also has a slightly blue undertone which knocks out some of the yellower under tones that asian skin can have but is more likely to give the grey-ish tinge pinker toned caucasian skins sometimes see when they use bb creams.


Blended, after 5 mins

Blended, after 5 mins

The Etude is a touch more glowing/dewy than the Maybelline which is more matte.  Both are and quite smoothing on the pores and fine lines, although the Maybelline is probably the more matte and gives a slightly lighter coverage. I look for a smoothing effect as I have large-ish pores, but it’s worth noting the ingredients include silicones like dimethicone which can be clogging. For me the Maybelline is a more natural ‘my skin but better’ and etude is slightly heavier coverage and better for when you want a more made up look.


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