Face off – Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream SPF30/PA++ vs Za Cosmetics 12-in-1 Total Hydration BB cream SPF 43/PA+++

The previous face off posts seemed to be popular so this seemed like it might be worth doing. Za cosmetics is not known as widely as some of the other brands. It is the drugstore end of the Shisedo brand and had only really been offered in China and Indonesia traditionally but is now spreading through the rest of SE Asia. It’s a great drugstore brand and I wish I could get it more easily in Australia, the cleansing oil is fab.


The etude house cream is initially a touch more beige than the za which is good and the texture is thicker.


The RRP of the za bb cream is about $SG16.50/20ml in singapore. The etude house cream looks like it retails for around $SG39.90. Both have one shade which may be an issue for darker skin tones. The Za cream claims 12-in-1 benefits but I ca

The etude cream also has a slightly blue undertone which knocks out some of the yellower under tones that asian skin can have but is more likely to give the grey-ish tinge pinker toned caucasian skins sometimes see when they use bb creams.


Blended, after 5 mins

Blended, after 5 mins

The Etude is a touch more glowing/dewy and much more smoothing on the pores and fine lines  than the Za which is lighter coverage and matte. The Za is a more yellow toned cream than many of the bb creams I have tried so might be relatively good for more sallow/yellow-ish skin tones. Overall the Za cream is one of the most pleasant to use on my combination skins in terms of texture, it’s a nice blend of oil control and moisturising and is my pick from these two products.


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