Gold Glitter ombre nails

This is a super simple mani I did for a performance recently. It’s China Glaze Gold Digger with Illamasqua Faithful as a base (I told you I use Gold Digger a lot, its a deceptively useful glitter because it’s ‘plain’ gold glitter polish).


Anyway, Faithful was a borrowed nail polish so I haven’t swatched it before. This is Faithful, a warm latte toned brown with champagne shimmer. I did a photo with (index to pinky) two coats, one coat, two coats, one coat to show that’s it’s opaque in one coat but gains a lot of depth on the second (this is the kind of important info I like to get before I buy polishes haha hopefully someone is like me).


I’d actually describe the colour as a deeper warmer version of Butter London Yummy Mummy, which I described as being like the ‘nude’ colour on stockings. This one is a bit more like the ‘tan’ colour and probably would be a good alternative for mannequin hands for girls with a mid-dark, warm skintone.


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