Fusion Neon by Sinful Colors

This is a retina burning shade of pink. I don’t think any camera can capture this correctly, mine definitely cannot. This isn’t a nail polish I bought, it seemed to get donated to me by someone who knew I like polish. Nice gesture at least. The colour isn’t really my bag, I think neons look nice on a tanned skin but my skin is not tanned in the least. (Also I’m old, and neon just makes me think of my youthful and terrible fashion choices. Which didn’t suit my skin tone at all even when I had lovely 17 year old skin and definitely not now I’m twice as old.)

fusion neon by sinful colors

Anyway, the color is a great example of a neon but the formula is a b@#$tard to work with. This picture is with 3 coats and a glossy top coat. The pink is patchy, streaky and super runny/inclined to flood the cuticles. It dried matte and was so hard to clean up. It also chips quickly.  I don’t think I’ll be wearing this colour again but might be a ingredient in a future franken-creation!


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