Game of Thrones – Tully Manicure

game of thrones tully

The Tully house doesn’t have any women in it as such at the moment, yet the women seem to be playing a powerful roles in Westeros in other houses in the Game of Thrones series (Catelyn as matriach of the Starks and Lyssa in the Vale). The sigil of the Tullys in the book is vertical red and blue lines, but in the TV series is shown as horizontal lines. In both cases they have a silver trout as a leaping in a red and blue field.The sigil of Bryden Tully is the same but with a black fish, so I split the different for this fish and made him half black and half white.

I have put a base coat of Essence ‘Kiss on top of the rock’ on all fingers, then a wavy tip on the other fingers with Essence ‘hard to resist’. On the ring finger I have  Essence ‘Kiss on top of the rock’ with a top coat of Essence ‘dancing in the streets’ and a freehand trout using a sharpie and OPI ‘My boyfriend scales walls’.


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