Boom Boom (dear my party) by Etude House

This weather just makes me feel blurghhhh. I was wearing Essence I gotta a secret as a plain mani and the friend I gifted the etude polishes to earlier suggested I should borrow one of her polishes and layer a glitter over to cheer up my mani at least. That’s a rainy day friend.

This polish is part of the Etude House ‘dear my party’ range and I think the name translates as Boom Boom? Any way it’s red, white, purple and black matte diamond glitters, silver diamond glitters and black and white bar glitter. Boom Boom indeed! The silver glitters are curling/taco-ing a bit đŸ˜¦ but it doesn’t stand out too much. I really like it although I think that one colour less (either no red or purple) might have made it a bit easier to work with. It’s backed with glitter but I often ended up one colour short on nail so it looked a bit off and I went back and did double layers. I think a lighter coat would look better if you could get the colour distribution working.

etude house

Edited to add – I always seem to get lots of questions on where to get these polishes. Both kollectionK and ebay are good sources. On ebay you’ll find this polish as PWH905, I’ve used f2plus1 and pretty christmas and could recommend them both (neither seller is affliated with me). Expect to pay around $5 with free shipping.


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