Craving Coral by Revlon

This is another gift with purchase polish from a few years back when they were really pushing coral as the color of the season. It is a pink leaning polish in the bottle but seems to go a lot more orange leaning on my hand. It is a lovely juicy type of jelly, but unfortunately 12 hours after application I had two nails of nail polish come off entirely 😦 (and that’s with CND base coat and poshe top coat) Some thing in this polish does just not agree with my hands.



Lighter shade of mint

This is a light mint green (Essence – exits on your right) base with Nubar white polka dots over the top. It looks super pale in the light but the green comes out in the lower lights. Its really pretty but unfortunately I applied it over a peel off base and my nails weren’t dry enough after the shower it seems as its all come off this morning 😦 So I only have the dodgy phone photos I took before I stopped to take good ones. Next time I’ll have to use a more hardy base, that is the down side of peel offs (that and how hard clean up is!).


Pastel skittles with a spotty accent

I’m really happy with this manicure, its pastel and girly but not overly twee. I think it helps the pastels are slightly greyed out including the white.


We have

thumb – OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Index – Essence destination sunshine

Middle – Essence exits on your right

Ring/Accent – base of OPI MyBoyfriends Scales Walls, dots of Revlon Sheer Rose, Essence destination sunshine and Essence exits on your right,

Revlon Sheer Rose.

Essence just killed with this collection on the pastels, these are perfect two coaters with no streaking or bald spots. That’s really rare with pastels.

Free nail polish anyone?

Some old colleagues of mine are working on a new app in the beauty space and are looking for some soft testers. In exchange for looking through the app in test flight and after providing some feedback testers will get a $10 gift certificate for sephora or Harlow and Co. You’ll also get a prerelease copy of the app to review on your blog or just personally.

You don’t need to be IT savvy at all, just be a makeup enthusiast with an apple device. Android app will be coming up later in the year and will have a similar deal open and I’ll let you know closer to the time. It’s open globally as they need testers from all markets.

I am planning on doing it and will be looking at getting dementors kiss (!). If you are interested in either being a tester, or just getting some more info email with the subject line “App tester”.

Pale Cashmere by Revlon

This is a swatch of Pale Cashmere by Revlon. It’s a super pale pink, any lighter and I’d probably call it a pink leaning white.

ImageI’m not that impressed with any Revlon nail polishes as rule, they take a while to dry and aren’t that long wearing. (In Australia they retail around $16 a bottle too, and definitely are not at that kind of price point quality). This one also took 3 coats to get to a non patchy level and I still have a visible nail line. I think I picked this up in a gift-with-purchase bag, that’s my usual path for getting Revlon nail polishes. I mainly keep it around for nail art and have used it as a glitter base.

Poshe vs Seche Vite top coats – Poshe wins hands and nails down

I have been on record as not being the biggest fan of Seche Vite top coat.

While it is super glossy and dries quickly I have not enjoyed the tip shrinkage and have been looking for a replacement. I have found a new favourite in Poshe which is also super glossy and dries quickly although not quiet as quick as Seche. These shots show the same polish as earlier (Orly Sea Gurl) after 24 hours. You’ll notice there is still some shrinkage from the tips (even though I do wrap :() but overall the wear is much less.


I think I might do a comparison shot showing a few of my top coats on one hand but it is hard to do a true test as some of my finger seem to get a lot more wear than others. I have also been trying INM out the door and the essence top coat but so far Poshe wins hands and nails down. Does anyone have any other favourite top coats to recommend? Anything particularly quick drying that doesn’t shrink back at the tips?

Nubar Navy Blue with White Polkadots

I love the Nubar white polkadot glitter, it’s such a subtle way to add something extra to a manicure. Nubar Navy Blue is nice too, it passes for black in the shade but looks a lovely drak blue in the light. This mani makes me think of stars in a winter night sky.


The only annoying thing is that I was using a peel off base coat to help with glitter removal, but I find them very hard to clean up afterwards 😦

Happy Mothers Day (any day you want it to be!)

The first day I went back to work after my maternity leave with my older son I was a mess. I remember walking down a local shopping strip on my lunch break and this little antique store caught my eye. It has three large sapphires, which are my older boys birthstone. The number 3 was pretty significant as we were suddenly a family of three rather than a couple. It’s not that expensive, the sapphires are not that great quality but even great quality sapphires are much cheaper than diamonds.

The reason I was a mess was that I kept hearing that people saying ‘this must be so hard for you’ and it wasn’t that hard. It was a relief in a lot of ways, a way of starting our new life and being able to integrate being a mother into my personality rather than becoming a whole new ‘mummy’ person. Everytime I looked at the ring I thought about how much my family meant to me. Even when I wasn’t with my baby he was with me.

I always get complemented on the ring. My son loves running his fingers over it and asking which stone is him. I think that the ‘best’ fashion is fashion with a story, things that you wear over and over again. It’s just as good to buy something for yourself, and it some ways it’s even better than the jewellery we get as gifts.

One of the class mums has just had a baby and she is a little upset that she didn’t get a push present. I think we should ditch the tradition. Buy yourself a push present ladies, or don’t. It isn’t less meaningful to buy gifts for yourself at all. Image,

Freckle by Illamasqua

Some of the school mums did a mani-4-a-cure night in support of womens cancers (one of the class mums has had breast cancer.) We all lent a bottle (or ten of polish!) and chose one to get manicured in by one of the mums who is a beauty therapist.

They had Freckle! It’s actually cuter and more delicate that in photographs, a soft tan with black matte glitter. I think that it actually would be a good office colour and with that sort of tone it also doesn’t show chips too badly.
Freckle Macro Illamasqua

I think it might be going on my Christmas wishlist!