Purple, glitter, and purple glitters

In this mani I have Illamasqua Jo’Mina layered with PGR702 by etude house (name translates as DJ-ing Show). It has, *deep breath now*, purple, pink and green bar glitter, purple mini glitter and small purple squares. Not professional, but rather cute.


Image 6

Unfortunately etude house does not play that well with Illamasqua (or indeed any other 3-free polishes) which reinforces by theory that it is not 3-free. The polishes take a looooong time to dry, much long than Illamasqua usually does.

DJ-ing the show

This polish does not become opaque even though it looks like it might in the bottle, it’s strictly a topping glitter. If you are looking to buy this and don’t have an etude house nearby there are a couple of options on ebay and you can usually expect to pay about $5 a bottle with free shipping. My bottle is swapped with a friend, and was originally purchased in store.

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