Boosh by Illamasqua

This is pretty simple to describe again, Boosh is a plain black creme by illamasqua. In full sunlight it seems like it might have a light smatter of very fine holographic shimmer. It’s very very glossy, very very hard wearing, easy to apply and self leveling, and generally very very awesome. It has a lovely depth to the colour and is a solid at two coats.

Image 1

For the price point it’s OK, but its a great basic to pick up in the semi-regular Illamasqua sales where I have picked up for 5 quid before. Black is always great as a base for glitters, or just by itself.

Now as there isn’t that much more to say about this polish I thought I might talk about how I like to wear black nail polish. As I’m slightly older these days I like black nail polish to be super glossy, and to be chic I think it needs to be flawless so needs to come off when you get any chips or wearing so it’s a colour it’s worth finding in a long wearing formula. My favourite outfit for Boosh is a my fluffy white beaded angora sweater with a black skirt and grey ankle boots. The textures make the monochrome really pop.




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