Happy Mothers Day (any day you want it to be!)

The first day I went back to work after my maternity leave with my older son I was a mess. I remember walking down a local shopping strip on my lunch break and this little antique store caught my eye. It has three large sapphires, which are my older boys birthstone. The number 3 was pretty significant as we were suddenly a family of three rather than a couple. It’s not that expensive, the sapphires are not that great quality but even great quality sapphires are much cheaper than diamonds.

The reason I was a mess was that I kept hearing that people saying ‘this must be so hard for you’ and it wasn’t that hard. It was a relief in a lot of ways, a way of starting our new life and being able to integrate being a mother into my personality rather than becoming a whole new ‘mummy’ person. Everytime I looked at the ring I thought about how much my family meant to me. Even when I wasn’t with my baby he was with me.

I always get complemented on the ring. My son loves running his fingers over it and asking which stone is him. I think that the ‘best’ fashion is fashion with a story, things that you wear over and over again. It’s just as good to buy something for yourself, and it some ways it’s even better than the jewellery we get as gifts.

One of the class mums has just had a baby and she is a little upset that she didn’t get a push present. I think we should ditch the tradition. Buy yourself a push present ladies, or don’t. It isn’t less meaningful to buy gifts for yourself at all. Image,


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