Poshe vs Seche Vite top coats – Poshe wins hands and nails down

I have been on record as not being the biggest fan of Seche Vite top coat.

While it is super glossy and dries quickly I have not enjoyed the tip shrinkage and have been looking for a replacement. I have found a new favourite in Poshe which is also super glossy and dries quickly although not quiet as quick as Seche. These shots show the same polish as earlier (Orly Sea Gurl) after 24 hours. You’ll notice there is still some shrinkage from the tips (even though I do wrap :() but overall the wear is much less.


I think I might do a comparison shot showing a few of my top coats on one hand but it is hard to do a true test as some of my finger seem to get a lot more wear than others. I have also been trying INM out the door and the essence top coat but so far Poshe wins hands and nails down. Does anyone have any other favourite top coats to recommend? Anything particularly quick drying that doesn’t shrink back at the tips?


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