I have been chewing over a range of posts on poverty and homelessness and volunteering. I struggle with the idea that I wanted to write a blog about redistributing some of my silly discretionary income from cosmetics to money that means something serious in helping the homeless shelter I support and volunteer for locally.

Every time I sit down to write though I run into a few issues; either I’m writing about someones else poverty and that seems like I am co-opting their story, otherwise I’m writing about my own issues and that seems like the ultimate in #firstworldsproblems. There are some great writers out there writing about their poverty like a girl called jack. 

A lot of the guys I volunteer with won’t be able to write a blog. This isn’t because they don’t have a voice but largely they are people who have had a range of issues. It’s not as simple as financial problems, mental health problems, addiction issues or problematic issues. A lot of the time it’s a range of issues lined up, straws on a camels back that end up with people ending up homeless. There is a lack of services out there for people who need a small amount of in home help (cleaning, shopping, budgetting, once a week shopping) in order to live alone but many more available once people end up homeless. It’s wrong, it’s unefficient, and it’s undigified. We should not wait until people have exhausted every internal resource and strained all personal relationships before we help. I don’t know what to do, but I’m tired and I’m sad and I feel hopeless. How haven’t we gotten beyond this stage as a society?




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