Face Off – L’oreal Nude Magnifique BB Cream SPF 12 vs Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream SPF

I found myself with a 45 minute break with nothing to do today, so I did a comparison on L’oreal Nude Magnifique Light BB Cream, L’oreal Nude Magnifique Medium  BB Cream,  L’oreal Nude Magnifique Colour Correcting (CC) Cream and Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream in a Light (left to right below). The nude magnifique range has this funny texture with pigment beads that break open as you rub it – they claim it’s colour matching but I don’t think it is!


Anyway, the first thing I noticed is how fluid the formulations are… really, really wet and runny compared to what I am used to particularly on the Maybelline Dream Fresh.

This is directly after blending. I was somewhat surprised how different the textures are on the L’oreal creams. The CC cream is much thicker and damper, but the medium BB cream is also quite a bit thicker than the light BB cream. The tones are relatively dark as well, even the lighter tone is still a touch dark for my NW/NC20ish skin tone.

Image 1

This is blended and left for 5 mins in the store. The difference in textures is still noticeable with the L’oreal cream in the light still the lightest at most matte, then Maybelline cream which has a pearlescent sheen.

Image 4

Finally this is after 10 minutes and in the sun.

Image 3

I think the L’oreal Nude Magnifique BB Cream in Light was the best option for a light coverage BB cream and the Maybelline has a more glowing tone. Both come in a good range of colours (although a touch darker than suits me) and have a similar price point around $15 but overall I prefer the Singapore ones due to a higher SPF and lighter colour range… I mean SPF 12… not really high enough for Australian consumers.

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