Scarab vs Shining – battle of the garnet nail polishes

The whole family is sick. The chemist actually laughed at me today, “Oh, hahahhahahahah is that you BACK AGAIN”. I found some sally hansen polish in the cosmetic corner bin for $1.25 and although I’m not buying polish I bought it thinking I really liked that colour. Then I got it home and realised I may have really liked it as it is very close, possibly a dupe, for my all time favourite polish Scarab by Illamasqua.



Anyway, I thought a comparison might be fun. This is Sally Hansen Shining (07) on pointer finger and ring finger, and Scarab on middle finger and little finger. Scarab is one coat, Shining is 2 coats as it was a bit streaky with one. Both have a poshe top coat and I have waited 2 days to allow some wear comparison.


Anyway, these aren’t a perfect dupe as the sally hansen is a touch pinker, scarab is a touch browner. But in anything other than a full light photo situation these are dupes and you definitely don’t need both. And whilst I rave about the Illamasqua formula, the sally hansen formula is pretty lovely and has worn pretty well so far. And for 97% less money it’s definitely better value. I’m definitely glad to have it in my collection as a back up.


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