Oh Hi, that’s right I have a blog…

Oh my poor neglected blog. Life does get busy and messy sometimes. Anyhoo…

I have been rather lusting over Artful Dodger by Butter London. It’s a sort of blue-grey that you don’t see very often. But I’m not buying cosmetics, and even when I restart I will not be buying Butter London – they just don’t seem to live up to the price point.

Sorting through my nail polishes I found a mini from a Claires set in a similar sort of colour family. It is a blue grey but much darker than the Artful Dodger and has a lavender like appearance in some lights. I actually really like the formula and the colour is really unusual but of course as Claires doesn’t put names on their polishes they are quite hard to rebuy especially online.


Pretty isn’t it! A couple of days later I layered a coat of BYS Glam Glitter to add some holographic glitter goodness.


It’s also a really nice backdrop for a quite ‘blingy’ glitter like this one I think.



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