Showstopper by Ulta3

Oh look at this beauty! It’s got different sizes of gold and silver hex glitter in a clear base. I think it would go opaque by itself, the picture below is a single coat over black (Revlon Lunar). It dries super glossy, this is with no top coat and it looks like a Seche finish… my camera can barely handle the shine.


This retails for $2 and is easily as good as many midrange polishes. Pick up one, or many! if you pass a chemist that stocks. You won’t regret it.


What’s black and white and red all over?*


The answer, obviously, is my manicure. It’s ulta 3 stop the press over Essence Fatally Red. This is an exciting event moment as I finished Essence Fatally Red. Yes, an empty polish. That’s very unusual. Stop the presses is black and white matte glitter in a clear base which dried very glossy with no top coat.

Ulta3 has released some new glitters in the middle of this year. They are actually really good, they seem to have moved production to Taiwan on this polish and gotten over the mucky issue of the made in the PRC polishes not really drying properly. This polish is a pretty good dupe for the maybelline polka dots polish (which I have not been able to find in my local shops). And of course, the $2 price tag is pretty hard to beat. I’m so glad to have found a  good black and white glitter for so little!

*For non english speakers this is a childhood joke. The punchline is a newspaper, as read (past tense of read) and red are pronounced the same and a newspaper is black and white and read all over.

Essie Case Study with black stripy lines

This is a mani with Essie Case Study and Revlon Lunar.Image

Essie Case Study has a lovely formula and it wears really well (chipfree on day 3). It’s a light brown latte-ish colour, probably nude on someones skin but not mine! I like a neutral like this to sit under glitters and this does the job well and is a good office neutral sort of colour.


Why you should always google swatches before you buy a new polish

This is an Orly nail polish called Walk down the aisle I found in Priceline one day. I hardly wear because while it looks like a shimmery mint green in the bottle it applies with sheerest touch of any nail polish ever. I have made it into a jelly sandwich with Nubar White Polka dots, but alas the mint green shimmer is only visible about 5mm from the nail so it doesn’t look as I hoped. It seems to just give a vaguely unhealthy yellow-green tinge to the nails.

ImageI guess one of these days I’ll just have to franken with it. I’m think a christmas polish with stars and candycanes in green. What do  you do with your dire polishes?

Emily De Molly is having a 30% off sale if anyone is interested

From Facebook;


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I’m only offering stock I have on hand, so there’s plenty of some colours and not much of others.
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Happy shopping and thank you!

Freckle-y Boosh – neutral with a twist

I dyed my hands bright green and red this weekend making my kids birthday cake 😦 The food dye is taking longer than I expected to come out of my hands. It’s not the best look after all so not much posting in the short term…


This is an old draft post I haven’t posted to date which I’ll through up while waiting for the damage to abate. Its Illamasqua Boosh as a background and a stripe of Illamasqua Freckle. Call it neutral with a dash of glitter.

Essie case study vs Butter London yummy mummy vs Ulta3 earl grey


It can be hard to tell exactly where various neutrals fall on a spectrum so I thought a comparison might be useful. Left to right we have Essie “Case Study”, then Ulta3 Earl Grey and Butter London yummy mummy. I have reviewed the last two before, and found Ulta3 Earl Grey was a great creme neutral that leans on the grey/mushroom end of the scale. It has a very thick formula but levels nicely under a poshe top coat. Butter London yummy mummy is sheerer with a light shimmer. It sits somewhere quite close to a standard department store mannequin skin tone. Essie Case study is also a thicker creme with no shimmer. Its a nice formula to use but slightly sheer for my liking, with visible nail line after two coats. It sits on the browner end of neutral, somewhere around the shade of a latte.

Celestial FX by Revlon

I have a new polish to show here – Celestial FX by Revlon. It’s got holographic silver moons, stars and diamonds with small pink and blue toned holo glitters. It’s seriously cute and shows just how much Revlon is upping their glitter game recently. Image


This is over black (Revlon Lunar) and as usual with a holo does not show the true WOW factor in pictures. It seems to retail for a $15.95 in Australia, but this was picked up in Gloss using their 3 for $12 Revlon polish deal by my teenager. She has a good nose for these things!