What’s black and white and red all over?*


The answer, obviously, is my manicure. It’s ulta 3 stop the press over Essence Fatally Red. This is an exciting event moment as I finished Essence Fatally Red. Yes, an empty polish. That’s very unusual. Stop the presses is black and white matte glitter in a clear base which dried very glossy with no top coat.

Ulta3 has released some new glitters in the middle of this year. They are actually really good, they seem to have moved production to Taiwan on this polish and gotten over the mucky issue of the made in the PRC polishes not really drying properly. This polish is a pretty good dupe for the maybelline polka dots polish (which I have not been able to find in my local shops). And of course, the $2 price tag is pretty hard to beat. I’m so glad to have found a  good black and white glitter for so little!

*For non english speakers this is a childhood joke. The punchline is a newspaper, as read (past tense of read) and red are pronounced the same and a newspaper is black and white and read all over.


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