Marrionaud Rouge Envie with Emily de Molly Ruby Soho

 The main colour here is Marriounaud which is a really stunning cherry red jelly. Its the kind of colour you just smile looking at. But it chips in no time at all 😦 so this is not one to wear for a week. The accent finger is Ruby Soho by Emily De Molly which is a red and pink glitter bomb. I have worn it previously with a black undercoat but wanted to try and get it opaque as an accent but alas it won’t get opaque even at 3 coats, and started getting quite chunkeriffic at the 3 coat mark so I stopped. None the less I think this will be in heavy rotation as a holiday polish, it looks very festive to me!



Emily De Molly – Majestic Flight

Another gorgeous Australian polish here. There are copper large hex glitter, meduim royal blue glitter, and large, medium and fine  teal holographic glitters in a teal base. It went on really easy with a good glitter payoff. The wear is OK, I have been wearing a lot of glitters so I have a peel off base coat and I find these tend to show a fair bit of tip wear on me – especially if I am in contact with a lot of water like I have been really  😉


Marrionaud – Khaki Pastiche


This is a gorgeous brand of nail polishes that retail in Europe. I picked these up in Europe. The first one is “Khaki Pastiche” which I think means a mix of khaki? so it’s blue-green-grey. It’s actually a really nice colour as its sort of neutral as it works with everything. The pigmentation is as strong as a high end brand, and it has a fab thick brush. It also is very chip resistant and the formula just almost paints it self. If you ever get a chance to pick one up, or get offered one in a swap, you’ll never regret it!

Emily De Molly – Hole in the Sky

Emily De Molly Hole in the Sky

This is Emily De Molly – Hole in the Sky. It’s a periwinkle crelly with large white circle glitters, mid sized silver holographic hex glitters and small white, blue and silver glitters. Literally it look like drops of water gathering on a pond.

The formula is a touch runnier than I would have expected for a glitter so you need to take it very, very easy with the coats. It is more sheer than I expected (above is two coats) and need some care to resolve streaking. I think it would be nicer with undies – either a white or a blue.

Wear was lovely, no chipping until I took it off a week later when I had tired of the colour.

How to buy cheap cosmetics, (or not!)

I realised by checking my referal stats that an awful lot of people seem to land here by searching for “how to buy cheap cosmetics’ “how to buy cheap mac cosmetics” “how to buy cheap revlon cosmetics” (and so on and so forth). No doubt it’s similar for many beauty bloggers. Here is my advice on buying ‘cheap’ cosmetics;

Step 1 – is to work out your budget, and whether this is a once off or recurring budget item. You can get good makeup in any price point but there will often be a step up in quality with different price points.

Step 2 – is to work which look you are going as that (with the price point) will drive the brands you buy. If you are going for a subtle, neutral based look you might look at Benefit or Bobbi Brown, a colourful, latest trend based look might come from MAC or Illamasqua, and a classic look might come from Elizabeth Arden or Chanel.

Step 3 – Do a search and review all your current makeup. (Try putting it in an app like My Makeup Collection even!). Figure out which items you need to complete the look you want (eyeliners, lipsticks, etc) and what colours you might be look for and this should hopefully narrow down your selection

Step 4 – OK, hit the internet. Try the makeupalley reviews and try some google searches for blog reviews. See what other users like and which products do not work.

Step 5 – Tired yet? TIME TO SHOP. It looks like you know what you want and how much you have to spend. Try online retailers but be wary as there are fake cosmetics by the tonne out there (be very wary of OPI nail polish and MAC cosmetics on ebay, these are notorious for high levels of fake products). Try the very highest rated ebay sellers but also try the (home) websites of the brands – urban decay, benefit and stila for example all do great run out on their sites. Also worth trying the retailers like,, and Compare prices regularly as sales come and go and it’s worth stocking up on the flash sales.

Step 6 – Sob a little. You want makeup you can’t afford! You don’t want fake products! Try the makeup sales on blogs and forums like and People with huge collections will often be selling barely used products and you can pick up some bargains if you search around enough. Also try the tester bar at your drugstore. People are often amazed by how much Essence makeup I have, but it’s great quality for the (very low) price point and a great way to try trends I’m not 100% sold on yet.

Anyway, what are your tips on saving money on cosmetics?

The My Makeup Collection app – finally in release (and free for this week!)

I’m excited to say a side project of mine has finally come to fruition and some regular readers may have already received this email from me directly. I have just released my first app!

The app is called My Makeup Collection on iTunes and It allows you to post short form reviews from your phone (with a photo/swatch and some brief usage notes) to facebook or email, and post notes as well as posting ‘looks’ with (tap to tag) notes on which products have been used (for nail art this will be the polishes used). I think this will sit nicely between tweets and longer blog reviews.

It also as some other functions like the ability to keep a track of your swatches on your phone so that you can check existing swatches and compare in store and hopefully avoid coming home with dupes! You can also save swatches of polishes you like in your wish list, then compare them in store to the polishes in store. This will be really useful when you are searching for dupes for those really hard to get your hands on indies… or really expensive high end new releases!

It also has a function that allows you to send your entire collection (or a selection) back to email to maintain any current stash spreadsheets.  It has a wishlist that can be sent as well. The data is all kept private. This is simply a tool for keeping a track of your makeup collections.

The website for the app is and the app is free this week at ( I hope you all enjoy using it.