The My Makeup Collection app – finally in release (and free for this week!)

I’m excited to say a side project of mine has finally come to fruition and some regular readers may have already received this email from me directly. I have just released my first app!

The app is called My Makeup Collection on iTunes and It allows you to post short form reviews from your phone (with a photo/swatch and some brief usage notes) to facebook or email, and post notes as well as posting ‘looks’ with (tap to tag) notes on which products have been used (for nail art this will be the polishes used). I think this will sit nicely between tweets and longer blog reviews.

It also as some other functions like the ability to keep a track of your swatches on your phone so that you can check existing swatches and compare in store and hopefully avoid coming home with dupes! You can also save swatches of polishes you like in your wish list, then compare them in store to the polishes in store. This will be really useful when you are searching for dupes for those really hard to get your hands on indies… or really expensive high end new releases!

It also has a function that allows you to send your entire collection (or a selection) back to email to maintain any current stash spreadsheets.  It has a wishlist that can be sent as well. The data is all kept private. This is simply a tool for keeping a track of your makeup collections.

The website for the app is and the app is free this week at ( I hope you all enjoy using it.


10 thoughts on “The My Makeup Collection app – finally in release (and free for this week!)

    • have downloaded it, overall a greta app, but I would prefer it if we can use it offline, as I don’t think we need to be on data/ wifi while we are updating our collection. can just sync them later when we have data/ wifi connection. oh ya, i couldn’t exit the app via back button, i had to force close it >.< but overall it's easy to use and i like the clean UI!

      • Thanks for the feedback, we are working on the exit button issue… it’s a tricky one as it only happens sometimes.
        The wifi issue is a bit trickier in Android – but we also looking into finding the best/most stable option on data connection. In testing users had emphasised that they wanted data on the cloud so that they could flick between tablets and phones and be immediately able to see their collections on both but I may be able to put in an option to turn it off it people need it in the next version.

      • to have the option to use it online/ offline would be great, as I travel quite frequently so whenever I travel I won’t be having any data connection to access my stash, so offline version would be awesome. Collections/ updates which were done during offline could be sync back up on cloud when data connection is available. Just my 2 cents.

        And thank you so much for your hard work! 😀

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