Birefrigence Holo by I Love Nail Polish (ILNP)

This is one of the new holo multichromes by I Love Nail Polish. It’s got a blue-indigo-purple-red-gold shift which is just amazing. The holo adds a nice sparkle just at the colour shift in low light and is intensively, well, holographic in all colours in full light. The colour shift is so noticeable that even my husband was impressive at my ‘fancy’ polish.


Outdoor light with holo coming out in the darker blue


Lower light pictures showing the colour range from red-gold on thumbs to blue on pinky. Image


Look at the range of colour on my thumb as I’m driving. Isn’t it awesome!

Anyway, as you can see this is a spectacular polish. It’s really unusual and intensively coloured and holographic. They aren’t cheap but you won’t see them on every second person so it’s a fun polish to own. The wear is OK – I started getting serious tip wear on day 2 on one nail, but not that much on the other nail yet so I think I’ll probably get 3-4 days out of it.



$50 Giftcard giveaway

How would you spend a $50 giftcard for Sephora or etsy or As part of the celebrations for us releasing the Android version of My Makeup Collection there is a giveaway running on our facebook page. Simply follow My Makeup Collection on facebook and post a stash (makeup) picture to our wall tagged with #MyMakeupCollection #Giveaway. It’s being drawn using on the 26th November so you’ll have it in time for those sweet black Friday sales!

My Makeup Collection for Android

I am extremely happy to say that I *finally* can link you to My Makeup Collection on Android. My Makeup Collection is the latest and best way to organize your swatches and makeup collection in your phone or tablet. It’s a great addition to our iphone app which has been very popular with our users.

If you want some more info you can check out the website at My Makeup Collection, and our facebook page has lots of updates and cool links.

Graphite grey polish comparison

I own a lot of nail polishes in this dark silver/graphite family. I am comparing Illamasqua Snap, Essence luxury secret, Essence icy princess and Orly Seagurl. Icy princess is obviously much lighter and sparklier/shinier. Tonally luxury secret and Snap are very similar but the formula on Snap is much easier to use. Seagurl is darker again and slighter warmed in tone. In my experience its prone to chipping but is a nice colour to wear and a good formula to apply. Image

The first two polishes are one coat, the icy princess is 3 coats and seagurl is 2 coats. I think that luxury secret and snap are very comparable. My pick is the Illamasqua Snap, but it’s about 10x the price for 2x the polish so the Essence is a very good cheaper dupe.

Get Reddy by Revlon – guest appearance by China Glaze Electrify

I have previously been …. less than flattering about Revlon polishes. I just got some Revlon top coat as I’m out of Poshe and I tried it with Get Reddy. Its actually been surprisingly good at maintaining my manicure for the week they claim! I may have to eat my words 😦 Get Reddy is an really nice orange-y red with a warm shimmer. Its a good summer red for me, as it has a bit of warmth but doesn’t turn my skin tone in lobster paws.


After 5 days or so I was bored and had some tip wear so I put on some glitter tips with China Glaze Electrify (gold and orange glitter). The effect was awesome, the red and gold and orange looked like flames in the sun. Of course trying to get my camera to capture that sort of action was not so easy. The shot below is inside lighting in my kitchen but I still love it.