Birefrigence Holo by I Love Nail Polish (ILNP)

This is one of the new holo multichromes by I Love Nail Polish. It’s got a blue-indigo-purple-red-gold shift which is just amazing. The holo adds a nice sparkle just at the colour shift in low light and is intensively, well, holographic in all colours in full light. The colour shift is so noticeable that even my husband was impressive at my ‘fancy’ polish.


Outdoor light with holo coming out in the darker blue


Lower light pictures showing the colour range from red-gold on thumbs to blue on pinky. Image


Look at the range of colour on my thumb as I’m driving. Isn’t it awesome!

Anyway, as you can see this is a spectacular polish. It’s really unusual and intensively coloured and holographic. They aren’t cheap but you won’t see them on every second person so it’s a fun polish to own. The wear is OK – I started getting serious tip wear on day 2 on one nail, but not that much on the other nail yet so I think I’ll probably get 3-4 days out of it.



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