A very Merry Goth-mas

I realised my blog has been a little… nail centric so decided to splash out on a black lipstick. I’ll admit that I was quite taken by some of the pictures of MAC Hautecore (swatches by Temptalia) but the price tag seemed a little high for what was unlikely to be a commonly used lippie in my collection. So instead I went for the $3 ulta3 Onyx lipstick. It’s described as  matte black lipstick.


It did not under any circumstance get to an opaque finish, I think you’d need to layer with an eyeliner for that effect. Equally it was sleeker and more mosturising than I would have expected for a matte finish, and the combination meant it was a bit prone to feathering… and the light finish really does me it would need a full pencil undercoat as the coats are so sheer.


I wore it out and about for an hour then came home and worked up a fun opaque grey lipstick by combining it with Revlon Ginger Rose. This wore really well (8 hours) and looked quite effective but I did not manage to take any photos somehow.

Generally speaking I don’t think it’s overly flattering on teeth though, I had the impression from various editorials it was going to make teeth look really white but it casts a greyish sheen onto teeth so they actually look quite dark .


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