Purgatory (and the joys of being a mother on school holidays)



Here are some initial snaps of Purgatory by ILNP. You’ll notice I haven’t finished cleaning up in them yet but wanted to see how it looked inshade and sun. It seemed to be in that really close to black but not quite space… and I thought I might struggle to capture the teal shimmer.


The sun is definitely the best for showing that it has a lovely blue green shimmer but it will look basically black in normal light. I’m not huge on those polishes – I like my blacks black, and jewel tones as jewel tones.

Anyway next thing I was called away on urgent mum on school holiday business, disconnecting lego pieces, opening paint bottles and finding pieces of marble run. So I didn’t get to clean up straight away …. and you can probably see where this is going,


Close up shot of my torn ring finger. Anyway, nails grow (*sob*) as do children and before I know it they won’t need me so I just try to remain zen. Saying that I’m getting very very excited about school going back in two weeks. The last weeks of the holidays are a kind of purgatory of their own I guess!


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